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While there are boundless of options around the globe, Homestates searches and hand picks the finest properties which holds the greatest potential prior to introducing the product to our clients.

We can help you with every aspect of creating a strong property portfolio, from initial strategy to property selection and purchase, ongoing management and other details. At Homestates Group we utilize proven strategic processes to build client wealth through property. If you are starting out, already an investor, or just want to learn more – Talk to us today, we would love to hear from you.


We are an established agency of Australian migration consultants providing migration advice that help our clients to achieve their Australian dreams, with the premise of ensuring that our clients’ transition to Australia both meets and exceeds their expectations for simplicity and quality.

Australia is ranked one of the top five countries for migrants to live in (US News and World Report, World Bank and the UN), this was assessed through the international perceptions of a country, as well as immigration policy and data.

With its most organized migration system, high wages, cultural diversity, world-class cities, and high employment date, Australia attract and invite thousands of immigration every year in the country.


As part of our commitment to full-cycle service, Homestates works in partnership with leading educational institutions to offer you access to world-class education geared towards your future career goals. We assist to connect you with the course and education providers based on your requirements for the study.

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